Out of the wound emerges the teacher…

Your wisdom…Your wholeness.



with a clear mission: To enable others to connect and have a relationship with one’s SOUL WISDOM. Each of us contains this ever-present energy, both within AND beyond us, which has the power to rejuvenate, transform and heal. My approach is to bring forth the essential “living wisdom” of  YOU! It is my passion to create a loving and healing environment through Energy clearing work, then introduce you to scientifically based holistic techniques for mental & emotional self-regulation and energy management, in order to calm your central nervous system. With presence, clear sight and intention, you have the ability to mitigate the damaging effects of stress in your life, while gaining access to your infinite and intuitive intelligence. 

The answers you seek are within YOU!

Patricia M. Baker

Soul Energy Healing exists to inspire, support and serve to assist in your personal transformation, healing and spiritual awakening.

Begin the journey of coming home to YOURSELF!

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When we take time to attend to our inner wisdom, we begin to participate consciously in our life. You will come to know your own internal navigation system and how to override any negative patterning that are limiting you. By doing this, you access your higher wisdom and transform the ways in which you respond to situations, resulting in more peaceful and dynamic relationships with yourself and others.

Patricia M. Baker


Family Therapy, Effective Communication 

Founder of Soul Energy Healing

PLR Practitioner-Past Life Regression Practioner,

Certification by Edgar Cayce Association for Research & Enlightenment

RYT-200 Register Yoga Teacher-200 hours

Soul Sweat Asana, NJ  

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, NYC

Usui Reiki III and Quantum Touch Practioner, NJ

Inner Tuning Chakra  & Pranayama for Psychological Well Being

Studied under Shyamji Bhatnagar,NJ

Heart Math and Soul Realignment~Certification TBA