"Even though the body appears to be material, it is not! Your body is a field of ENERGY, transformation & intelligence." Deepak Chopra


We have come to understand we are Energy and ALL

matter is made from Energy. It has no form, as

ENERGY is a frequency and is always shifting and

vibrating. If you observe an atom, you would see a

small, tornado-like vortex, with infinitely smaller

energy vortices.

This is what the Chakras are within us…spinning

vortex energy centers. Our Chakras receive, transform and distribute Energy throughout our body and to our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and Endocrine system. To use the analogy of house keeping, if not well maintained and cleaned, the Chakras will accumulate a residue and our physical, emotional and spiritual health are affected. In clearing and then attuning your Chakras, a smooth and steady flow of Energy is established throughout you, which restores balance and accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities.


  • Pain reduction and relief

  • Supports and bolsters the immune system

  • Enables deep and restorative sleep

  • Reduces tension and the damaging effects of stress

  • Reduced headaches, blood pressure, digestive discomfort 

  • Assists with removing emotional and physical blockages, resulting in increased vitality allowing for  deep healing…and SO MUCH MORE!


                   90 minutes (1st session)  $120

                                 60 minutes (on-going & follow up) $75

Our time together is structured to allow for your decompression by a thorough in-take, energy balancing and integration of your experience. 

“Make yourself familiar with your Guides and behold
them frequently in spirit, for without being seen, they
are present with you.” 

Throughout our life, we are taught to seek answers and guidance

outside of ourselves; from our family, teachers, political and religious

institutions, which have limitations, as this guidance is based on their

perspectives and motives.

In addition, we are taught we are separate from our higher power,

which could not be further from the TRUTH. How different would

your life be If you were taught to reflect inward as well as connect to

your Divine wisdom and receive guidance, which is always availableto you AND is meant specifically for YOU! This is why it feels right!

Our inner-evolution and development is only brought to a certain

point by nature. It is up to each individual to continue on their path of inner evolution, through knowing one’s Higher Self and purpose.

With simple holistic and calming practices, as well as learning to ask questions and listen for the answer, such as: “What would help me to grow right now?” you begin to connect to your Higher Self and your Guides. 


ASK! I want to emphasize the importance of asking questions. This is how we begin all our relationships, which is to be curious and ask questions. When we are seeking  WISDOM, start with, WHO is/are my GUIDES? 

ASK stands for:

A. ALLOW yourself to be AWARE look for the subtle unfolding

S. SEEK SIGNSthey will be shown to you. 

K. KNOWING. You will begin to experience an undeniable KNOWING as the signs begin to unfold around you!

Ask for something which is easy to recognize and unusual, so you will notice it.


Know that your Divine team is working on your behalf to create the highest good for YOU! Have Faith and Trust as they will always guide you to YOUR highest purpose!

SESSION 60 minutes $75


When the core reasons are seen, experienced, 

understood and resolved, the symptoms


Dr. Brian Weiss


In my personal research, experience and journey in

healing, I have found that PLR is the most powerful and beneficial of healing modalities I have used. This is because PLR works synergistically with our ENTIRETY, Mind, Body, Emotions and Soul. This is done as you are gently guided into a deep state of relaxed awareness, in order to recall lost or repressed memories from your current or past life.  Having the ability to review the root cause of patterns that limit us in our present life from our Higher and Infinite self is powerfully TRANSFORMATIVE. 



PLR is a powerfully effective modality of relaxation, guided imagery, unraveling suppressed or forgotten experiences. The ability to look at and unravel these experiences with the perspective of one’s Soul is powerfully transformative and healing. The session is broken into 3 parts:


I value your willingness to begin your journey of self-exploration and healing with me.

I want our time together to feel comforting and safe, which will ensure a successful regression. We will begin with a preliminary discussion to review the process of regression and what challenges and problems you wish to resolve. Together, we will formulate what questions you want answered, as well as guiding you to seek answers from your Soul.


This is the PLR session where you will be taken through a past life, perhaps more, depending on how long or short the previous life was. I will also guide you to your Soul, so I may ask questions and obtain resolutions and healing.


Post session re-call and integration of highest intentions from the past life journey, lessons and healing. 


Session will be 2-3hours* @ $75/hour


*Sessions may exceed 3 hours. Please plan accordingly.




"Patricia is an intuitive Soul with the Wisdom of the Ancient and Wise awakened in her memory... She is a natural Healer and her beautiful energy is compassionate and comforting to a soul in need of spiritual direction and guidance."

Irene Sonja Fanane ATP, Author & Founder of Founder Awakening to Angels

“Having been part of a Soul Circle Meditation & Healing Group with Patricia Baker, I found her to be insightful, articulate and an extremely caring individual.  I found her to be interested and interesting, providing a safe environment  for sharing and healing. Patricia is a gifted individual with great empathy powers and knowledge. I am definitely a supporter of her meditation groups!”

Patricia Lynch


"I have found Patricia to be one of the most compassionate, generous and loving people I know.  She leads from her heart and holds you in it. As healing comes from the heart, anyone who has the good fortune to experience her healing energy and guidance will be intuitively guided and nurtured” 

Andrea Grace

Founder, Mindful Energy Work & Elila Center

“I came to know Patricia Baker during yoga teacher training.  When we met, she was healing from a serious physical injury that required her to learn to walk again. I couldn’t believe she was enrolled in a yoga teacher training.  Then she told me she had never done yoga before!   Patricia is passionate about life, yoga and her desire to help others to heal and it is evident in everything she does.  Her energy and compassion seem to be limitless.  She is truly inspirational.  I have had the pleasure of being under guidance and she has taught me so much about spirituality"

Denise Powers

RYT-500 & former Yoga Retreat Coordinator for Cancer Patients and Survivors

“Strong. Beautiful. Wise. Understanding. Loving are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Patricia. Since the moment I met her I knew she was put on this earth with a mission. Besides being a friend, Patricia is a powerful healer. She was there for me when I was going through a rough time and had injured my back. Immediately, after telling her what was wrong she did some energy work on me, releasing many blockages and pain that I had. More importantly, Patricia listened to me, with no judgements. On an intuitive level, she knew what was going on with me. Offering more that kinds words, she gave me a different perspective on my situation. Patricia did so much for me while I was in pain. She is an amazing woman and I am grateful everyday to have her in my life.”

Toni Reno-RYT-500